Traffic lights could go in latest Golden Mile plans

Golden Mile traffic lights

The many sets of traffic lights that clutter the Golden Mile could soon be a thing of a past. Businesses and residents along Belgrave Road, Leicester, are being asked to consider a new scheme which could see the lights removed and several zebra crossings installed.

The pavements could be widened and, as a result, the roads narrowed under the initiative. The changes are being considered to help make life easier for pedestrians by enabling them to stop vehicles whenever they wish to cross, slow down traffic and improve the look of the Golden Mile.

Golden Mile restaurateur Dharmesh Lakhani, a leading member of the regeneration group, said: "With the demolition of the Belgrave flyover, the city council sees this as a time to make improvements in the area.

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TV cook flies 3,000 miles for a recipe


Indian cookery guru Madhur Jaffrey was so impressed with a restaurant's dishes that she has included them in her new cookery series. The 78-year-old flew in from her home in New York to film an episode of her new 12-part series at Bobby's, in Belgrave Road, Leicester.

She visited the restaurant to learn more about its way of cooking daal dhorki, a Gujurati dish similar to lentil soup. The chef first tasted the dish when partner at the restaurant, Dharmesh Lakhani, took the meal to her when she was taking part in the filming of the movie Jadoo, in Belgrave Road, earlier this month.

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We have no beef with top Indian food


Now it shouldn't take National Vegetarian Week to make me think about the food I eat. But when asked to try a vegetarian restaurant to mark the week, it was enough to give me the nudge I needed. With only the mildest trepidation, and a lot of anticipation, I booked a table for two at the well-established Bobby's Indian Vegetarian restaurant in Belgrave Road, Leicester.

Eating vegetarian food is not a habit I've ever really developed. I like veg and – thanks to my wife's determination to keep us all healthy – eat plenty of it. But an entirely vegetarian meal? Long overdue, I decided.

We arrived at Bobby's on Saturday night to find we were the only couple siting in the spacious downstairs restaurant (there's another dining area upstairs). But within what seemed like minutes, every table in the place was full and there was a good, lively atmosphere.

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